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project neverland

project manager/integrator

The thesis of this project was to create a proof of concept exploring the classic Peter Pan to develop a live, mixed-reality theatrical performance. In our version, Tinkerbell is portrayed as a 3D animated character within the unity platform, viewed by the live audience with the aid of the microsoft hololens augmented reality headset. practical effects are triggered by tinkerbell and she has physical interactions with the live actors. a composite feed showing the interaction of the character and physical elements was also provided for audience viewing. 


the concept was to create meaningful and identifiable interactions between the animated character, the live actor, and the set, so the audience would feel the magic of tinkerbell herself - as well as exploring the practicality of adopting this technology for future live performances. 

this project was produced in conjunction with the carnegie mellon school of drama and entertainment technology center. 

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