project neverland


The thesis of this project was to create a proof - of - concept exploring the classic Peter Pan to develop a mixed reality live theatrical performance. In our version, Tinkerbell is portrayed as a 3D animated character, which is viewed by the live audience with the aid of the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset. The concept was to create meaningful and identifiable interactions between the animated character, the live actor, and the set, so the audience would feel the magic of Tinkerbell herself, as well as exploring the practicality of adopting this technology for future live performances.

a little longing goes away

video designer & camera operator


Written by:



Lighting Design:

Sound Support:


Eben Hoffer

Sowmya Ashokkumar & Eben Hoffer

Eben & Isaac Hoffer

Jacob Wesson

Andrew Gulvna

Brenna Power

Safiya Harris

Harry Thorton

Sam O'Byrne

A Little Longing Goes Away is a new musical created by director/musician Eben Hoffer with playwright Sowmya Ashokkumar for the 16th annual Playground Festival, Carnegie Mellon's independent student & arts festival.

As video designer, I worked with the artistic team to showcase the emotional connection of the players with the music and narrative of the piece using live wireless camera operation.

"It's been months since you've spoken, but you get a phone call, you get a voicemail, from someone you know so well, that you know right away, that you need to get on the train, just in case, of something, the end of something you imagined, or worse: the end of something you actually knew. This is a concert play, of the train ride between a sister and a brother at the end of one kind of time." - director Eben Hoffer.

i'm sure i'll figure it out

Mixed Reality Designer/CONTENT CREATOR

I’m Sure I’ll Figure It Out was a new comedy from writer/director Burke Louis, combining the live production of a documentary film with a traditional theatrical experience, centered around the main character’s path to mental stability.


Our design team created a world that operates as a film studio, a greenhouse, a rehabilitation center, and an amorphous space inside the main character’s own mind, by digitally inserting the characters in the various environments and headspaces they inhabit throughout their journey.

Live chroma keying and actor driven camera operation created an immersive mixed reality experience.